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Welcome New Patients​

We are currently accepting new patients ages 18 and up!  If you would like to become a patient of Diamond State Primary Care, the best way to start this process would be to call our office at (302) 838-2210.

What you will need
  • All medical records from your current Physician as well as any Emergency Room/ Urgent Care visits or Specialists that you may have seen.
  • Drivers License
  • Current Insurance Card
  • Emergency Contact information
  • Authorization of Information to be Released to family (List of family/friends you will allow us to speak with in regards to your health)
  • If you have a long list of prescriptions, it would be a great idea to have them written down, name of medication, frequency, strength etc.
How the process works
It can take time to get the records from other physicians.  We will give you a Phone Number, Fax Number, Email Address and Mailing Address to help speed this process and make it easier for your prior Physician office to get us your information as quick as they can.
When you start this process with us, you will leave your general information, Name, Date of Birth and Phone Number. When we receive your records, we will call you and set up your New Patient Appointment. When you arrive for your first visit, we will copy your drivers license and insurance card into our Electronic Medical Records system, update your address and contact information, and have you fill out several New Patient Forms. At this time, and at the beginning of any appointment, we will take payment for your visit. This amount will be based on the insurance plan you have and what the co-pay or co-insurance is that is part of your plan.
When you are finished with all your paperwork, the Medical Assistant will bring you to an exam room and your patient appointment has started!
*It is important to note that our Providers strive to stay on time as best they can based on each patient visit scheduled for that day.  We are proud that we don’t try to cram in as many patients a day as possible and try to keep wait times as minimal as possible.
What is a new patient appointment?

A new patient appointment consists of both the patient and provider getting to know each other.  The Medical Assistant and Provider will review your past medical history including any surgeries, current medications, any family history medical concerns, and any current health concerns or the main reason for your visit.

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